Dedicated to the memory of Paul Shannon

This site is a tribute to Paul Shannon. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Ah there are many memories I have with Paul.

The first time we met was at JC's Bar where Wales were playing in the 6 Nations. It was also the first time I met Gareth and both he and Paul were kindred spirits spending the afternoon shouting at the telly in an effort to claw out a victory.

It was the first of many games we watched together culminating in the infamous Scotland Trip along with Rob and Gareth.

This consisted of a raucous mini bus journey up to Edinburgh where we all nearly wet ourselves as we nearly left members of our party relieving themselves along the hard shoulder whilst the minibus driver began to move off trailing half a dozen boys with there trousers around their ankles shuffling along the hard shoulder in alarm. The accomodation left much to be desired aswell and the result..well best left to history.

I really got to know Paul best when I began my bus driving career with First.

Paul was my mentor and showed me the ropes as I settled into the job, providing many tips and a lot of valuable advice. Unfortunately he never provided the same help at the pool table and I do believe I never beat him once.

He was always willing to help out..Always in a good humour and always keen to cover for my odd few mistakes..(I won't mention the coal lorry door I nearly ripped off in Clydach)

He was a really fabulous example as a mentor and a very loyal friend.

I'm sure he was watching as we triumphed over the Pumas the other day I can imagine him jumping up and down spilling beer everywhere and taking the opportunity to jeer the English. (yes I know we weren't playing them but SO WHAT! never miss the opportunity right?)

I will miss him very much but will not forget.

Rest well my friend..

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